We believe that maximising the value of your information and computer networks requires deep expertise in computing, law and business.

Without a deep understanding of information security, data assurance and the laws of the various jurisdictions within which you operate, business opportunities go unrealised and business threats remain unmitigated. For the past few decades, technology has made possible the previously unimaginable. Societies have been pressed into uncharted legal and social territories as technology revolutions created new unresolved tensions between businesses use of information and the rights of citizens to extend their human rights in the digital context.

The law had struggled to keep up, but now the balance of power is changing.  

Global data protection and privacy laws are rapidly evolving in the legislatures of the western world and businesses must take heed of new regulatory powers across a web of rules, best practices and supervisory bodies.   With fines of €20 million and up, regulators are serious about enforcing business behaviours.

As lawyers and information technologists, we position ourselves at that very intersection to help business people understand the new operating framework and make smarter decisions about how they can be best place to protect and maximise the value of their information and computer networks.